pingationMod 0.7 – module to speed up site indexing

Manual start of the module from the control center

A very important module for anyone who wants the material published on your site to be indexed by search engines as soon as possible.

” Ping services ” or alert services allow you to inform search engines about new material on your site, which has just appeared. By and large, this is “almost sitemap”, only the notification is immediately sent to the search engines to go to your site and index new material.

After adding a new material, notifications are immediately sent to all ping services. 
You will not have to wait until the search engines load your sitemap and start indexing new material!

Module settings in the script control center

What’s new

  • Added support for DataLife Engine 8.2 (this version has been made so far only for version 8.2, with a little code editing / changes in installation points => it will work on older versions)
  • Added filtering of incoming data
  • Added event logging function (can be enabled / disabled in the module settings)
  • Fixed a bug where: if the news was sent for moderation, the ping services still received a notification
  • Fixed minor bugs and shortcomings

List of 122 ping services

Posted by : prime ( 
Platform DLE ( Datalife engine ): 8.2 

Banner and Image Rotator

As you can see from the article title, the module is designed to rotate banners or images for the CMS Datalife engine ( DLE ) on your site. 
Rotator – a kind of scrolling objects without reloading the page with beautiful fading effects when changing them.

Of the main features can be identified

  • Using the rotator as a through object (on all pages) throughout the site
  • Dynamic image switching with fade effect
  • Caching html-block rotator

Control Center Features

Module control center

  • Upload images for rotation to the server
  • Uploading images via FTP to the / templates / skin / rotator / folder
  • Deleting images
  • Preview using highslide.js library
  • The setting for each image is whether it will be in the form of a link or not.
  • For each link, the transition type is configured – a new window or the same ( target = “_ blank” )
  • Setting the size of the html-block rotator
  • Setting the display time for each image

Of the features of the module, it is worth noting that the script database is not used at all. For very large projects – a big plus – less load on the server; for small projects, there won’t be much difference. Various third-party programmer libraries are also not used.

Posted by : Inrus ( 
Platform DLE ( Datalife engine ): 7.5 – 8.2 

Feedback Form Designer

A very necessary module for each site who lacks the standard features of the feedback form. The module is a form designer, whether it is a product order form or a site adding a site to the catalog or a form for communicating with the manager.

The creation of an unlimited number of forms in the control center of the module is supported, as well as, respectively, their editing and deletion. It is worth noting the possibility of creating international forms for sites with multiple languages. 
Support for captcha for spam protection, file uploads, and other features.

With this module, with a good desire, you can create almost any contact form.

Author : KorsaR (Stas) 
Platform DLE ( Datalife engine ): 7.x – 8.0 (doubtful work on 8.2) 

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