Banner and Image Rotator

As you can see from the article title, the module is designed to rotate banners or images for the CMS Datalife engine ( DLE ) on your site. 
Rotator – a kind of scrolling objects without reloading the page with beautiful fading effects when changing them.

Of the main features can be identified

  • Using the rotator as a through object (on all pages) throughout the site
  • Dynamic image switching with fade effect
  • Caching html-block rotator

Control Center Features

Module control center

  • Upload images for rotation to the server
  • Uploading images via FTP to the / templates / skin / rotator / folder
  • Deleting images
  • Preview using highslide.js library
  • The setting for each image is whether it will be in the form of a link or not.
  • For each link, the transition type is configured – a new window or the same ( target = “_ blank” )
  • Setting the size of the html-block rotator
  • Setting the display time for each image

Of the features of the module, it is worth noting that the script database is not used at all. For very large projects – a big plus – less load on the server; for small projects, there won’t be much difference. Various third-party programmer libraries are also not used.

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Platform DLE ( Datalife engine ): 7.5 – 8.2 

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