pingationMod 0.7 – module to speed up site indexing

Manual start of the module from the control center

A very important module for anyone who wants the material published on your site to be indexed by search engines as soon as possible.

” Ping services ” or alert services allow you to inform search engines about new material on your site, which has just appeared. By and large, this is “almost sitemap”, only the notification is immediately sent to the search engines to go to your site and index new material.

After adding a new material, notifications are immediately sent to all ping services. 
You will not have to wait until the search engines load your sitemap and start indexing new material!

Module settings in the script control center

What’s new

  • Added support for DataLife Engine 8.2 (this version has been made so far only for version 8.2, with a little code editing / changes in installation points => it will work on older versions)
  • Added filtering of incoming data
  • Added event logging function (can be enabled / disabled in the module settings)
  • Fixed a bug where: if the news was sent for moderation, the ping services still received a notification
  • Fixed minor bugs and shortcomings

List of 122 ping services

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Platform DLE ( Datalife engine ): 8.2 

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